Why Subscribe?

If you are new to the blogging world, you may wonder what an RSS feed is and what all the fuss about subscribing to a blog is. 

I did. 

I didn’t understand the benefits of subscribing, nor did I know how to subscribe once I started to show interest in a blog. I started using an RSS reader and I immediately saw how subscribing to the blogs I loved would save me time and keep me connected to them. I wish that I had subscribed to blogs sooner than I did!

Instead of trying to remember where I have been, and which blogs I want to return to—they now come to me. If I visit a blog I like, I subscribe to it, and all that goodness comes to me in one place!

So, what are you waiting for?

There are two ways to subscribe to a blog you love.

1. Have posts emailed to you.

Its easy and completely free. Most blogs have a form similar to the one below, which makes it very easy! Just enter your email address in the form, and every time an article is posted, it will be emailed to you!

2. Subscribe by RSS.

Now, if you end up subscribing by email to all of the blogs you love, your inbox will become quite full. This is where using a RSS reader becomes your best option.

Most blogs have a link available for you to subscribe like this one:

You can subscribe by RSS through this link.

Many also have the RSS icon somewhere on the blog that takes you to the same place. Mine in on the top righthand corner. See it? Once you make it to the “feed” page you can choose which reader you want to add your feed to.