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Free Prayer Printable!

I'm over at the Flourish blog today, sharing Seven Powerful Prayers for My Husband. Aaaaand ... there is a free printable! Hop on over and check it out if you have a moment today! What are your favorite verses to pray for the ones you love? … [Read More...]

The Brevity of Life

What the Sting of Death Brings to My Soul

A good friend of mine lost her daddy this week. Through seeing her pain, the sting of death has penetrated my own heart once again. I know what it is like to get that phone call. The one that changes everything. Regrets wash in like a tidal wave, and the desire for more time, one more hug, one more conversation. This pain reminds that I am not promised tomorrow. Each moment that comes could … [Read More...]

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I Still Weep

I'm somewhat back into the swing of life. Sorta by force. My sister and I have chatted about how it's really hard to grieve when you have kids. All their needs are the same, regardless of our state of mind. Yet, even if motherhood stood still, the demands of life would still call. I still need to eat, shower, and stay healthy. Work needs to be done; responsibilities can only be held off for so … [Read More...]


Thankful for His Presence

The most comforting news Scripture has for the sufferer is that where pain, grief, and hurt are, there is God. Instead of a panacea, our Lord offers His presence. One of the greatest promises in the Bible, which speaks to all our fears, is bound up in the very name of our Lord—Immanuel: "God with us."   - Walter C Kaiser, Jr., Grief and Pain in the Plan of God: Christian Assurance and the Message … [Read More...]


To Intervene

It hurts. This part of me that has been, until recently, un-touched with true grief. This new-found part of me aches with a horrible, empty pounding in my chest. It is so hard to grasp — the reality that James is no longer on this earth. He was just here to visit not long ago. I can picture him like it was yesterday; he sat at my dining room table while we played Settlers, played with the … [Read More...]

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James. Beloved son. Cherished brother. Incredible friend. Born in Artesia, California with golden hair you were known as a screamer. You quickly grew into a chubby-cheeked, very busy toddler and made your presence known in every crazy way. You loved wearing your cowboy boots — even on a certain snowy day in your birthday suit. Though there was more than one James in your class; you were … [Read More...]


Somewhere is Better than Stuck

I ran another 5K a few weeks back. My son Kenneth has been begging to run one himself, since Chris and I both ran our first earlier this year. I put it off this long because I wanted to be able to run a race prepared. Month after month passed and there we stood, 6 months later, no 5K ran. Since the weather is getting colder, I decided I better just choose one and go for it, or we'll be looking … [Read More...]